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Distinctive Ride provides many auto start options. From basic one-way systems to smart phone compatible systems, we can get you and your vehicle taken care of. With cutting edge products and MECP preferred installation practices, you can be sure your system will last. 


Viper 4706

 This remote start looks like it was made in 2008 because it was. It does it all and looks great while doing it, just like a Toyota T100, It is an absolute workhorse; Do you want some range? Do you want to know exactly how long your car has left to run? Do you want a turbo timer? Diesel wait to start? Manual compatibility? THIS is your unit all the above AND a lifetime warranty on everything permanently installed!

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Idatastart 4.5

Wow. Its the C8 Corvette of remote starts. Fast, gorgeous and in full color. Rechargable remote with screen, battery powered long range 2 way back up. Got that long range LORA technology and a remote that was designed in this decade with the newest tech in it. Yes, its our most expensive remote start, but its also the coolest and its not close. Spencer put this one on his truck and mumbled something that went like "if you want customers to buy the best, you have to use the best". no security, no manuals, only works on beautiful peoples vehicles and dudes named Reed.

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Smart Start

· Unlimited range

· Two Way Confirmation      

· Manual Transmission Compatible*

· Electric Door lock Control Included

· First Year of Subscription Free               

· Smart Watch Compatible

· GPS Tracking*

· Optional Power Door*

Starting at:



iData HC2.5

Idatastart entry level 2 way. This is the Toyota Camry of remote starts. Gives you a few more features but is not winning any races. Same 3000 feet of range, it is our least expensive two-way. Sometimes you just need to know it works outside your house, apartment, or church. Just don't expect it to work from the back of Walmart to your car out in the parking lot and it'll do the job well.

Starting at:



Viper 4806

This has historically been our #1 selling remote start. Long-range, LED two-way. It can be upgraded to security, and if you have a 99-06 Chevy, please get security so it can remain where you left it. (You can start those trucks with a screwdriver and a hammer, no key is needed.) These are also manual transmission compatible and everything permanently installed has a lifetime warranty.

Starting at:



iData HC3.5

This is the longest-range 2 way on the market that doesn't use cellular to communicate. It uses LORA technology that's just a fancy word for "real far". They claim up to 2 miles, and other vendors claim 3, I could tell you 4 but it wouldn't be true. I just know it's really far. These units come with TWO 2-Way remotes so the remote you keep in the drawer is ready for long-range action as well. still no security, no manual transmissions, but these units love Euro and Diesel cars and trucks and on Tuesdays, they do SUV's as well.

Starting at:



Viper 4106

 It's a made-up part number at this point, but you get two mid-range 1-way remotes.  does all the stuff the 4105 does plus is manual transmission capable.  Range? Two broom handles at least, or a half mile, whichever comes first. As always, a  lifetime warranty on everything permanently installed and a 1-year warranty on the remotes

Starting at:



Viper 4105

The Viper 4105. starts, stops, locks, unlocks, and occasionally will do trunk pop (vehicle dependent). Entry-level range but a little longer than a broom handle.  has a lifetime warranty on everything permanently installed.

Starting at:



Avital 4115

It starts and stops. range? not really. If you want to start it from farther away than a broom handle you probably need something with more coverage. See the two ways for more options.

Starting at:


***These prices include basic install on MOST vehicles. European cars will have additional charges (except for most VW and some Audi, but they require giving up a key, or additional charge).

Additional Add On’s Available:

· Trunk Release Starting at $50.00

· Manual Transmission $119.00

· Security Upgrade $199.00

· Power Sliding Door Starting at $50.00

· Power Door Locks $125.00 per door

· Horn Honk Starting at $50.00

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