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We all know that when September hits and the temperature starts to drop, the days get shorter. With the snow falling and little daylight, it becomes harder to see obstructions in the roadways. Protect yourself and moose by buying extra lighting.

HIDs are how we got our start, and they continue to be our specialty. Our HID headlights all come with a lifetime warranty on parts. When we install them, the warranty covers labor, too. This ensures your lights will never cost you any more money than your initial investment. We have many different lighting options for you to choose from. Not only do we have HIDs, we also have Rigid LED light bars, Lightforce, and Hella lighting systems. For all your lighting needs, or aftermarket accessories Distinctive Ride has you covered.


Are HID Lights Right For Your Vehicle?

Only if you want more visibility. There’s a reason that most luxury vehicles (BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc) use them. They are cleaner, brighter (300% brighter to be exact), and an all-around better type of lighting than traditional halogen or incandescent style lighting. More visibility leads to a safer driving experience, especially at high speeds or in areas where wildlife are present.

If you want the increased visibility and safety that comes with HIDs then contact Distinctive Ride. We offer a no questions asked lifetime warranty on every HID that we install, if anything ever fails we will replace it free of charge.

Need something more robust than headlights? We’ve got you covered. In addition to our Lightforce HID lights we carry a full range of 12v lighting for a variety of needs: off-road lights, fog lights, auxiliary lighting, LED lighting; we have what you’re looking for.

Helpful Hints & Warranty


  • Choose your kelvin: 5K, 6K, &8K.

  • 35 Watt Ballasts with error cancelers built in.

  • Canbus Compatible

  • Plug & Play*


  • Large variety in beam patterns

  • Large variety in sizes

  • Available back lighting


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Must Be Original Purchaser
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