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Rhino Linings

Helpful Hints & Warranty


  • Keep your lining dry for 24 hours after installation. Moisture may cause some milky discoloration which will disappear when the lining dries completely.

  • Wait 24 hours after installation before loading your lining with heavy cargo

  • Use a car wash detergent with warm water and a stiff brush to clean the lining. A high pressure water spray is effective.


  • Nation wide limited lifetime warranty

  • Warrantied not to crack, bubble or peel.

  • Warranty is made only to the original Rhino purchaser, and is not transferable.


  • Use a stiff bristle brush or abrasive pas with a de-greaser / detergent to remove stubborn stains

  • Do not use silicone- based protectants, abrasive cleaners, nor caustic or corrosive liquids as this could leave a mark on the lining.

  • Protect your linings shine and color with Rhino Shine Ultra, a UV-activated bed lining protectant.

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