Distinctive Ride
3601 E Ruth Drive
Wasilla, AK 99654
Effective immediately Distinctive Ride will no longer be doing Rhino Lining or any other bed liner services. Prices have skyrocketed on raw materials and labor for competent installers. More and more vehicles come with a factory bedliner, our largest dealer only doing 1-2 trucks a month and the amount of time and space they take up, we have been looking for a way to exit the category for the last 12 months. When our very expensive machine broke, we took it as a sign that now is the time. 
Where should we go now? My personal recommendation is Total Truck in Anchorage. The new owner has shown a dedication to Alaska’s truck accessory market that is honestly refreshing. He’s excited to be part of the community and has a very nice store with a competent Rhino installer. Kendall Ford also sprays in house and the Line-X store has put put some very nice work in the Valley area. 
Warranty. For standard bed liners, please follow the link and fill out the form. They will refer you to the nearest Rhino Linings shop, which at this time is Total Truck in Anchorage. They have a new owner who has been great to deal with and we are certain he will take care of our customers the same way we take care of them. https://liners.rhinolinings.com/en/p/warranty
For everything not in the bed of a truck, please bring the vehicle by for us to inspect and formulate a way forward. We will work with Total Truck to honor all of our promised warranty items. 
If logistics are difficult for you getting the vehicle or item to Anchorage, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We take our word very seriously and while we do not ever plan to spray another bedliner, our word of lifetime warranty is not a promise we will forget. 
Spencer Richardson

Rhino Linings

Helpful Hints & Warranty


  • Keep your lining dry for 24 hours after installation. Moisture may cause some milky discoloration which will disappear when the lining dries completely.

  • Wait 24 hours after installation before loading your lining with heavy cargo

  • Use a car wash detergent with warm water and a stiff brush to clean the lining. A high pressure water spray is effective.


  • Nation wide limited lifetime warranty

  • Warrantied not to crack, bubble or peel.

  • Warranty is made only to the original Rhino purchaser, and is not transferable.


  • Use a stiff bristle brush or abrasive pas with a de-greaser / detergent to remove stubborn stains

  • Do not use silicone- based protectants, abrasive cleaners, nor caustic or corrosive liquids as this could leave a mark on the lining.

  • Protect your linings shine and color with Rhino Shine Ultra, a UV-activated bed lining protectant.